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Whether you’re aiming for a technical or business role, need help with certifications, resume or interview questions, we’ve got you covered with our one-to-one Career Counselling Service for any of your salesforce career questions.

Our expert advice comes from professionals who have spent significant time in the Salesforce ecosystem and have excelled in their roles.

Feeling Stuck in Your Career

After spending some time in a given role, it’s normal to be curious about how to move to the next one. Or sometimes, choosing the next role itself becomes a challenge.

Get help with some of the most common career challenges such as –

Identifying next step in your career

Which role is best for you

How to return from a Career Gap

How to add more experience to your profile

Which certification to choose

Working in India vs Abroad

Improving business communication

How to create a brand identity for yourself

Improving resume for next job

Why Choose Altokk for a Thriving Salesforce Career?

Altokk’s founder along with some other industry experts have been helping people with free career counselling sessions for a number of years now.

We have come across a variety of individuals with diverse backgrounds which helps Altokk provide relevant guidance.


Helped 100s of individuals make informed decisions in their Salesforce careers.

Personalized guidance

Guidance tailor made as per individuals’ background and experience.

External mentorship

Access to a network of industry professionals and mentors to get specialised help when needed.

Community access

Become part of a close group community and get access to quick expert opinions.

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