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Authentic & Sustainable Salesforce Careers

People are the heart of Altokk. We empower our team and partners, fostering a culture of continuous learning. Their success fuels the Salesforce ecosystem, happy clients and a thriving Altokk, creating a WIN-WIN-WIN environment.

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Fueling the Salesforce Ecosystem

Altokk empowers Salesforce aspirants to build enduring careers in this industry. This, in turn, contributes to the creation of a robust workforce within the ecosystem, meeting the demands of companies in search of skilled professionals.

Loved & Trusted by Young Talent

Teaching is fabulous and a good amount of practice sessions to crack the interview. I wholeheartedly refer this company to those who are eagerly looking for a job in Salesforce.

Akhil Patel

They provide good information about where you can start learning and different ways to achieve it. And also make one understand the initial package/ opportunities there are for a beginner.

Keerthy Kambli

I have been into a few interviews but this one with Roshan The CEO of ALTOKK is one of a kind and the best of all. The way he explained the things about the company and work culture is very insightful.

San Tyson

Best step forward to make your career in Salesforce. A team worth working with… and a leader worth learning from…. Go Altokk!

Shyam Prasad

“The project was very useful in putting into practice the concepts learned which covers Apex, Flows and coding in general. Also, the Requirements are understandable”

Mohammed Hamdan

“Working on the salesforce mock project was a valuable experience, allowing me to showcase my skills in designing custom solutions and collaborating effectively with a diverse team to meet project goals”

Sai Goud

“Working on the salesforce mock project was a valuable experience, allowing me to showcase my skills in designing custom solutions and collaborating effectively with a diverse team to meet project goals”

Sai Goud

They provide good information about from where you can start learning and different ways to achieve it. And also make one understand the initial package/opportunities there are for a beginner. Overall a good informative session.

Keerthy Kambli

It suggested me whether is it right platform for me to choose the career in Salesforce

Yellamilli Manikanta

Really Helpful to choose Carrier Path which I needed and specially for resume bulding concept and requirements..

Swapnil Magar

I got know how to get exposure of use cases in salesforce. I got to know how to showcase my skills in LinkedIn. How to decide when to make a switch into salesforce ecosystem.

Praswanth Pamireddy

Had a great 1 on 1 session with Mr. Roshan.. Wonderful experience with great personality

Rajkumar Yadav

It was very helpful to know from where to begin and you touched upon real life scenario which is important to consider.

Renu Sahu

Understood the journey of salesforce.. What it needs and What should be done..

Prasad Sana

Our Programs

Our Programs


(Project Enablement Training)

Get hands-on experience on topics that you chose & build REAL Salesforce profiles. #SayNoToFake.

Experience real-world scenarios with our curated REAL PROJECT use cases, offering valuable hands-on learning opportunities without waiting for a job.

Staff Augmentation

We share our resources who can get the job done. And we are happy to say NO, when we don’t meet the required skill criteria. If resources do not meet your job needs, 100% money back - guarantee. 

Hire our certified and experienced experts, temporary or permanent. We specialize in delivering top-notch Salesforce professionals to meet your client needs.

Career Counselling

Get help with your first/next step in your Salesforce career.

Talk to our experts for guidance on starting your Salesforce journey or determining the next best step in your Salesforce career.

Building Job-Ready Salesforce Professionals

What's in it for Employees

  • Access to real client project scenarios
  • Access to industry experts
  • Guided on-demand support

What's in it for Employers

  • Faster hiring / team building
  • Access to project ready professionals
  • Genuine talent pool & no fake profiles

Life @Altokk

Employee Centricity at Heart

Sustainable Growth

Building Sustainable Salesforce Careers

People First, Always

We believe in treating people first.

Continuous Learning

We learn something new every week, guaranteed. 


Trust is the currency of “Our” Business and life.


Success for us is 3 dimensional. Customer Win, Employee Win, Altokk Win.

About the Founder

Roshan Kotla

Founder & CEO @ Altokk | Salesforce Group Leader – Hyderabad | TrailheaDX Speaker | Linkedin Top Software Project Management Voice
Roshan Kotla is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 15 years of specialized experience in Salesforce. As the founder of Altokk, his goal is to establish a workforce known for its authenticity and longevity. With a diverse background spanning various roles including Developer, Analyst, Tech Lead, and Project Manager, Roshan brings a versatile perspective to every project.

Recognized as a prominent figure in the Salesforce Trailblazer Community, Roshan actively participates in industry events as a speaker, panelist, and attendee. His expertise lies in understanding end-user requirements and devising effective solutions for both Enterprise and SMB clients.

Driven by the vision of Altokk's founder, Roshan Kotla, the Salesforce Club fosters thriving careers through a diverse array of community-driven initiatives. These initiatives encompass:

  • Career counseling webinars
  • Engaging talk sessions
  • Inspiring career success stories
  • Actionable job tips

The Salesforce Club empowers individuals to build authentic, cultivating, fulfilling and enduring careers paving the way for long-term success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we get to work on a live project ?
These are Use cases picked from our finished LIVE projects. So the challenges are from the REAL world and not fictional.
What are the prerequisites to work/join these projects ( PET ) ?
It depends on the kind of project you choose to work on. For example , if it involves working on Apex and Sales Cloud scenarios, we will expect you to have theoretical knowledge on those concepts.
What if I get stuck in my project ?
Our various help guidelines : Documentations, Recordings , Doubt clearing windows always help you move forward on the project.
How to decide next steps in growing my Salesforce career ?
Assess your skills, set goals, and pursue certifications. Network for recommendations. If you're new, gain hands-on experience, seek mentorship and stay adaptable. Join our Free Career Counselling webinars to know more.
Is Salesforce career counseling only for beginners, or can experienced professionals also benefit?
Salesforce career counseling is beneficial for both beginners seeking guidance on starting their careers and experienced professionals looking to advance or transition within the Salesforce ecosystem.
What’s it like to work at Altokk ?
Joining Altokk has many perks! You'll get to grow in your career, work in a supportive environment, earn good pay, and work on cool projects with the latest technology. And not to forget, having fun while doing all of the above.

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